Posted: 23/04/19





This tier is for traders who have up to £25k to deposit. You may have already been through a few accounts and you understand the markets and many of your faults. In most cases you usually call the markets correctly and have made reasonable money in the past from trades. However, you have experienced larger losses that have led to inconsistency and the inability to grow accounts.

Why has this happened? You have made money but at times don’t adhere to the correct risk rules. You can find yourself chasing the gains while at the same time letting losses get away from you. Remember, you are never bigger than the markets. Know and respect the type of people you trade against.

I can help you create a more robust risk strategy. Usually it’s not making money that is the issue, it’s the losses. This is typical of most traders. By having defined long, medium and short term targets I can help you achieve the correct balance of what you need to do to be successful and consistent in the long term.

I will assess your trades and look at how long you have been typically holding them for. I will focus on helping you make money through the movement of a trade rather than focusing on being correct on ‘market direction’.


At this level you will be able to buy yourself more time in the markets. Not every signal has to result in a trade. It is the attention to detail and the support I can provide that will make you a more complete trader.

  • The ability to earn up cash back on every trade
  • Free access to my iView charts
  • An hour long 1-1 mentoring session
  • Access to all my live webinars
  • Introduction to a broker who will give you the best spreads and value for money
  • Access to a private Skype chat room and my support

If this sounds like you, get in touch to see how I can help you become the type of trader you envisage.

Small adjustments to the way you approach the markets and your trades will make huge differences to your trading results. With my help these are no longer leaps of faith, they are just are a simple step away.

All my services are FREE of charge. If you want my mentoring & to be a tier 2 trader all you have to do is simply open a 'new' trading account & fund it with up to £25k. Get started