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Tier 3 is for the experienced trader. You have made successful returns and are now looking for alternative options to help increase your revenue. I believe there is 1% of information that nobody is willing to share with you until now. From managing top city prop traders, fund managers and other HNI traders, all have benefited from knowing that 1% of information that has made the difference to their trading experience.

Successful people want to interact with other successful people. My approach is to fill the gaps that will help you achieve your ultimate trading goals. Having the ability to fund large accounts is one thing. The ability to utilise this to its maximum potential is another.

The key to the success I have had with this tier of trader is that I don’t change my approach. There is a fine balance to being a large market player and understanding your position within the market. 


You don’t have to be correct on market direction or know what is driving the markets. What you have to be, is right when the market is moving in a way you understand. Each person is different which means each trader is different. My unique skills and experience allow me to understand what the missing 1% is from your trading approach and help you implement this into your trading.

“Do you want to be right, or do you want to make money?”

When you fall into the trap of over analysing markets obvious trades are missed. You can get caught up in trying to find the perfect combination of technical analysis and factoring in fundamental shifts. You wait so long to trade, all the enthusiasm and momentum gets lost. The reality is, there is no perfect trading strategy or set up.

At best you are only ever looking for an 80% edge. Once you understand this you will move forward and begin to make the returns you have been striving for.


At this level of deposit you will usually not need the money you make from trading to fund your life style. This puts you in a powerful position to remain impartial to the markets and pick and choose your trades.

  • The ability to earn cash back on every trade
  • Free access to my iView charts
  • An hour long 1-1 mentoring session
  • Access to all my live webinars
  • Introduction to a broker that will give you the best spreads and value for money
  • Premium access to a private Skype chat room and my support

If this sounds like you, get in touch to see how I can help you become the type of trader you envisage. This is the type of trader I have had the most success with. It is the last 1% that only a professional trader with years of experience will be able to pass on to you.

Tier 3 trader - Testimonial



I came across Steve Ruffley a few years ago, when I purchased his book ‘The Ruff Guide to Trading: Make money in the markets’. The book instantly resonated with me and became my ‘go-to’ market survival manual from then on.

Steve has had a longstanding career in the financial industry and has a wealth of trading knowledge – “Been there, done that”, as he often says. He is a highly successful and profitable trader. Consequently, I was very excited when I established that I could have the pro himself as a mentor by joining one of his ‘Tier groups’.

I have my own business and was therefore able to fund a six-figure account, with my own funds. At the outset, Steve spent some time with me to obtain some background information on my trading experience and expectations. He also provided me with direct support in order to quickly get the account live and the MT4 platform running, including his iView charts software.


The first month of trading size with my own cash was the test – make or break!

I had undertaken some large positions, with a some degree of success, but trading live is a significant change mentally. I had to adjust to losing as much, and more than I ever made. Steve was always on-hand with support for those important first trades, and constantly monitored my progress in the background.

Steve’s methodology uses both fundamental and technical analysis, with a selection of tools available e.g. favourite indicators, signals and timeframes. Using this simple set of tools, the strategy is not to complicated to execute and provides me with a very effective edge, that provides me with the confidence to push the button.

In the beginning, I found it easy to make money, but I allowed my ego to drive me to take on more significant risk, resulting in the inevitable big loss and consequential drawdown period. It was tough, but I never gave up and with Steve’s constant support we were able to recover the losses. The subsequent strategy was so effective that it resulted in a 50- consecutive day winning streak!

Steve has taught me the necessary skills to analyse where the markets offer value to a retail trader, to make money and how to protect my capital from tricks and traps of the big institutions, as well as my own trading errors. In addition to have a good strategy, I also have a trading plan that I do not deviate from.

We have been working together for a significant period now and I’m happy to say that I am a consistently profitable trader. No hiding, the P/L does not lie! I would highly recommend Steve. Thank you for making me one of the 10%!

All my services are FREE of charge. If you want my mentoring & to be a tier 3 trader all you have to do is simply open a 'new' trading account & fund it with £25k+. Get started