Posted: 28/09/22


UK retail trading is dead


I've been in trading for 20 years. I was the the Chief market strategist at Intertrader for 10 years. The word 'was' is pivotal in this point, you have to ask yourself why would Intertrader, owned by a FTSE 100 listed company cut ties with someone that not only brought millions in deposits, but also mentored and educated traders with 1000's of webinars and top notch material which in turn made them more profitable.

The reason, there is no value in UK retail trading since the ESMA regulations. Retail pro yes, but the criteria for that is a recognized financial qualification, 500k in liquid assets and a track record of trading size. So if you have a half mil of cash in the bank your OK! If not then I'm going to tell you what you need to do.

Firstly, the key points to take from UK retail trading as it stands.

1. The majority of brokers will trade against your positions in a B book. Most people don't care, as they would do the trade anyway so why shouldn't the broker make money? I personally think that's a shitty practice.

2. As a retail trader you can't get paid any rebates. This only applies to retail pro. The rich get richer.

3. Customer service? Forget it. Cut cutting and you are bottom of the list of priorities.

4. Help and education? Case point above, cut it, save money think about the share holders.

5. You we're trusted with 500:1 leverage, now 30:1.

So all in all the odds are stacked against you in every way. There is no insensitive that the UK brokers can give, all they can do is squeeze the customers they have more and cut costs of useful services.

Many people went offshore. To Australia mainly to IC Markets. Key point in this is OZ is fucked. The scandal of the Halifax group highlights that and also the fact that they are 28 years without recession and thinking the economy will never pop is just playing with fire. The other glaring reason retail trading is Australia is problematic is they are going to bring in their own ESMA style regulations and cut your leverage. Very soon. There is talk a them themselves going offshore, which again is CRAZY, where do you run to from the end of the world?

The Ozzys are also discussing bringing facial recognition to sports betting, porn and maybe financial trading for verification. Not sure any man alive is up for that!

So if you cant trade in the UK and OZ is about to shaft the average retail trader where do you go?

Well if you have kept up with my progress you will know I moved to New Zealand two and a half years ago. Why? Mainly because I could. 4.8m people, same land mass as the UK, positive GDP and no (a the time) national debt. It seems in a pretty sensible place to start my family.

The other reason I came here was regulation. Mainly the lack of it. That's not a dig, it just means that NZ works in very different ways to the rest of the world. You seem to be trusted to make you own mind up. It's more of a level playing field between the very rich ad everyone else. So with a very stable economy, government and being cash rich, business although not the same size as the rest of the world are very safe. This is always good when one is trading.

So what's the answer to all this Steve?

Well it's time to pack your bags (metaphorically speaking) and get over to NZ. I' have spend the last year hammering out a deal with Black Bull markets to give the UK/EU trader a bit of dignity back! A leg up to the 1%.

1. You will get up to 500:1 leverage on FX.

2. You will get my iView Charts (was $999) FREE

3. You will get my mentoring and weekly vids and email trading updates.

4. Customer service - Come to me. You don't fuck around anymore.

5. Rebates - Yes vol dependent I can offer 10, 15, 20% to people who meet the criteria.

So what's the catch? Nothing it's FREE and all you have to do is open an account with Black Bull markets HERE


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